Product Title Product Discription
Air Cooled
Salient Features

Acailable from 3 kva to 1500 kva Wide input voltage drive ciruit LCD Dispaly/Analog Meter to monitor voltage and current ideally suitable for high starting currents Rugged AC syschronous motor for long life High speed of correction & quick response High speed of correction & quick response High efficiency Load Power factor.

Phase Shift has no effect on operation No oscillation, No overshoot/under shoot No Wave form distortion, No noise generation Compact size mounted on wheels for easy movement Overload and short circuit protection Single phase preventer for 3 phase stabilisers Oil level Indicator

Oil Cooled
Technical Specifications
Input Primary Source Voltage 360-460/295-465V
Output Voltage Regulation 400 / 415V +1%
Average Correction Rate 70V/Sec
Total Harmonic Distortion Nill
Effect of Load Power Factor Nill (On O/P Voltage)
Efficiency >98%
Duty Cycle Continuous
Cooling Air / Oil Colled
Electronic Protection Output Under / Over Voltage & Over load trip
Normal Operating Temperature 0-45 degree celsius
Type Un balanced
Drive - Mode Automatic (or) Manual
Optional Accessories : LCD Display, EMI surge Sup-pressor, Ammeter, Phase Reversal Protection, By-Pass Swich, Cut Off Signal For ACB/OCB.
Ultra & Isolation Transformers
Technical Specifications (IS2026/1180/335/2099)
Input Voltage 110/230/400/415V
output Voltage 1:1 Step up, step down or as required
Acceptable Input 10% of rated voltage
Line Frequency 47 to 53 hz
Regulation 3-5%
Leakage Current Better than one amps
Dielectric Streanth 2500 V for 1 minute
Resistance Greater than 1000 Meg Ohms
Efficiency better than 97%
Noise Ratio better than 70%
No load current Less than 5%
Cooling Air/Oil Cooled
Connection Delta/Star or Star/Star for three phase
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